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Email me if you want to trade DATs. Please note that my analog deck is now dead, so I cannot do any D>A spins. I will spin blank DATs for newbies and unideckers.

Cloning setup: Sony TCD-D8 > Oade digital I/O cable > Tascam DA-20 MKII



Show complete unless otherwise noted.

Please read the information below so you know how to interpret the codes on my list.

Length is in METERS, not MINUTES!Shows are listed according to the tape lengths on which I have them. If you don't use 90m tapes or would like to configure a show on different-length tapes, arrangements can be made. All shows that run under 75 minutes will not have a tape length listed.

I'm currently not grading my DAT collection, as this is a very subjective thing to do, and an "A" in my book might be different than what you consider an "A." If you want more specific info on how a show sounds, just ask. Microphone info also available upon request.

* = I was there, but I didn't tape it... at least not on DAT... or maybe I did, but my master had problems, so now I have a clone... you get the idea...
** = I taped it myself (therefore DAT master)...

AUD = audience (microphone info available on request)
SBD = soundboard
FOB = front-of-board audience
MIX = sbd/aud mix
S>R>D = sbd > reel-to-reel > DAT
S>P>D = sbd > PCM > DAT
S>R>P>D = sbd > reel-to-reel > PCM > DAT
S>Cass>D = sbd > analog cassette > DAT
A>Cass>D = aud > analog cassette > DAT
FM>Cass>D = FM radio broadcast > analog cassete > DAT
BB>P>D = Betty Board > PCM > DAT
FM = FM radio broadcast
PFM = pre-FM radio broadcast
CD = compact disc (the illegal kind that you shouldn't buy)

Generations (indicated by /1) are only given if the tape is not a PURE DIGITAL clone, but was done through ANALOG PORTS. Obviously, a S>Cass>D has an analog generation in it, so this won't be listed as /1.

Colin Ovitsky
(413) 443-4770