Kosmic Charlie is the name of the 1970 Volkswagen Bus I bought in October '97. It finally passed inspection in February '98, and I drove it successfully all the way to New York City, where it broke down over spring break in March. It is currently in New Jersey having a replacement engine put in. I hope to get it back after school and drive it out to Colorado this summer. I also should have some pictures of Charlie to put up here soon... just have to take some and scan them, which I haven't gotten around to yet.

Can you guess why I named him Kosmic Charlie? I'll give you a couple hints:

1) The alternate spelling has nothing to do with it. Somebody got to the DMV with Cosmic before I could, so I had to change it a bit.
2) The year of the bus is related to its name.

Give up?

OK, I named him Kosmic Charlie because all the other license plates (all Grateful Dead-related) I tried were taken, but I later discovered that 1970 was the year the Dead played "Cosmic Charlie" more than any other year. In fact, they only played it once in 1971, brought it back for 6 appearances in 1976, and then it was never performed again. Bummer...

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