Adrenalin Rush

Lyrics: Carson - Music: yeP!

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[MC Pickle rap]

People say my rhymes they are ridiculous
I say, "Are you kidding?  They're fitting.  They're meticulous
The girls that say they are so fickle
This gets me pissed even when I'm ticklish
I ain't got no money and I ain't got no change
No coins in my pocket

What am I?  Deranged?
NO!  I'm nickeless...

[Other rap verses done in the past...]

I'm comin' down with my masculine verility
And when I'm lovin' you to the best of my ability
Resistance to my life disturbs my tranquility
And when you turn away it disrupts my sensibility

No hope for the lonely
No patience for the phony
No satisfaction from the babes
Even when I'm ho'ny

Yo!  What is this?  Fragidity?

[Comedic vocal improv]

[Instrumental until end]

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