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Lyrics: Gundersen - Music: Greene & yeP!

Pretty girl with a sun dress on,
come sit right next to me-
I've been on the road too long
and you look pretty good to me.
Well I don't care where you're goin' girl,
I don't care where you been,
Just get on the bus and don't make a fuss,
and be my only friend,

Cuz I've been on the road too long,
    been down so many times, Made lots of friends, seen lots of ends,
    and I've paid my share of fines. I lost my soul along the way,
    I'm just glad to see your face, And if you're not too buzy girl,
    I'll show you to my place...

I pulled into another town, 
My soul went sinking to the ground. 
A thousand eyes had turned my way, and I knew I could not stay. 
One more city, one more show, Pretty soon it's time to go;
I'd like to get to know you well, And hear the stuff that you can tell..

Cuz I been on the road....etc.

Where've you been, What's his name,
    I don't care, where are you going to...etc..

[Repeat second verse and chorus]

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