Lyrics: Greene - Music: Greene & yeP!

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If I offered my soul what would you do?
Would you take it from me or let me give it to you?
If I offered my life what would you say?
Would that be too much for you or would you want it that way?
'Cause I Don't mind the games we play,
In fact I rather like them.
But when I'm tied and blind and my body's not mine,
How can I resist you, anyway?

So is it love that you want, or is it power?
'Cause 'dees type ahf stahff' is takin' more than an hour.
"Ow!  Hey, what's that?" -- "Just another device..."
When she's flyin' through the air, It's like a hurricane.
And when you tighten the grip, you know I can't stand the pain.
I got sense common, I know what's insane,
I'll do it again and again and again and again.

Where do you think you're going?
Don't you walk outside that door...

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