Son Rise

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There was a time a long time ago,
when everything seemed to be fine.
My thoughts were clear, my time was free,
and I was free to run with my mind.
The leaves could change in the autumn air,
their colors alive before they fly.
But now they're gone and the snow is down
and I feel like I'm out of time...

So now this feeling hits me and i wish for a simpler time,
now my eyes are closed most of the time,
and my wings are broken and I can't fly...

Waking up is so much harder now,
feeling like there's nothing left to see.
I must have grown up along the way,
cause I no longer feel free.
I can't wait for the day to come
when I can put this all behind
and dream for the spring to come again,
so I can forget about these times.

And this feeling hits me and I can't speen up the time,
and my mind is closed and my eyes are wild,
and my will is bent and I can't...

I met an old man standing in the road,
at the crossroad sign and he had something to say.  I said, "Can you help me
man, I think I've lost the way. The path ain't clear and I need a place to
stay."  And he said:

	I see you are troubled my son
	But the path is clear for you
	I can't help you when your eyes are closed
	Don't worry,


The old man left me there,
I stood upon the brink,
I couldn't move my arms;
I had to stop and think.
The words he left me with struck me like a chord,
I looked into the sky on the path towards...

Son rise..blahblah...whn...son rise.....

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