World of Spies

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The bomb was wired to the ignition switch;
A pound of Gelignite brought him down.
Sometimes to be a spy can be a total bitch- 
Your enemies are always around.

Check the seat and lock the door 
And don't drive off until I'm sure, 
The shady men with cameras and poison darts are very dead. 
They follow me down every street and WHeN I get some food to eat; 
Their long black cars and evil hats, I really hope they don't come back.

Around every corner and under the house
Lurks another scary man with a gun;
Why will no one help me?
They just don't beleive me.
I realize that I'm the only one in this....

World of spies, World of spy-e-i-e-ies 
Don't you tell no lies, in the world of spies

I'm a very special guy,
No one else can come close;
I'm working for the CIA.
I go on special missions all the time-
When they have a big problem they call me in.

I only stay in fine hotels 
and drive a Lotus turbo car;
I sleep with gorgeous model-girls
and show them that my gun is big;
When danger rears its ugly head
I laugh and get my tux dry cleaned;
And then I shoot the bad guys dead
and play a game of Baccarat

I have no friends 'coz I work on my own-
Liabilities are what I don't need.
A family would be only a problem for me
So I have to be alone with my Asten Martin in this...

World of Spies, in the World of Spy-e-i-e-ies 
Now I'm in disguise, in the world of spies

My cunning and my good looks are legendary,
All the other spies know my name. 
I solve the hardest cases for my country and home, 
And then I get paid in cold hard cash.
My bank account in Switzerland is very big and full of Dough,
But I do not have time to just go out and spend it on myself;
I wish I were a farmer with a lot of cows and chickens too,
But I am not and so I kill,
But hey it's just a job in this....

World of Spies, World of spy-e-i-e-ies
There're no alibis, in this world of spies
You don't tell no lies, or someone dies
I have a car that flies, in this world of spies...

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