Lyrics: Laurence - Music: Laurence & yeP!

Appears on...

It fills me up like a big red bottle.
You take it, you tear out the cork,
Never thinking, "Just another minute."
Signs... they fill my vision.
A governmental tripper dripping with derision. 
A shot rings out in the night,
Terrifying, but nobody listens.

I'm searching all day, but nothing's coming;
Too many people getting in the way.
Their souls are turning shiny - not from overuse,
A push in front of the subway just to have their say.
Climb it on up out of the nitty and the gritty
Roll in a quarter and swing it around.
You can rob a man blind of his possessions and his money
But don't ever touch the crown that sits above his throne.

Ages it took to find me, 
But now that I'm found there ain't no laws to bind me.
Smoke what you want and you leave the rest;
We'll need everything that we can get to leave this world behind me.
Descend from the mountain.
From this moment forward we begin the counting 
Of the sinners that we meet along the dusty way,
And the justice that we're serving as we blow them away.

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