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yeP! 1/24/97 Stone Coast Brewery, Portland, ME DSBD

SOUNDCHECK: Franklin's Tower

SET I: Seems To Me, Bertha > Funkle (aka Funky Uncle) > Libido, Adrenaline Rush, Purples, Untied We Stand, Gallery WHN

SET II: King of Spain, Son Rise, Lisa Needs a Dog*, Home of the Future* > Mushrooms & Fireflowers, Northbound Girl > Shot at the Charts > Saturn > Shot at the Charts > Mutha Funk in Soul, Summertime, World of Spies, Hexicup*, Shakedown Street

* = 2nd time played

For analogs, the first tape is a 100min, with the flip between Adrenalin Rush and Purples. Side B of the first tape goes until Lisa Needs a Dog in Set II. The second tape is a 90min with the flip bewteen World of Spies and Hexicup. There is about 20min of filler space available on Side B of the second tape, to be determined by individual D>A or A>A members.

90m DATs will contain only the yeP! show. The 60m DAT containing Set I will be filled with moe. 9/25/96 Northampton Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA. The 60m DAT containing Set II will be filled with Moon Boot Lover from the same date and location. This was part of the "Rock the Vote" Tour. Both the moe. and MBL sets are DAUD recorded with AKG460+61 mics in XY-configuration into a Tascam DA-P1. I don't know the MBL setlist, but the moe. setlist is:

32 Things, Awesome Gary, Buster, Spaz Medicine, Bring You Down, Bear Song, Timmy Tucker, Akimbo (cut)